Best Preschool In Mumbai

Pre - Primary

KES International preschool in Kandivali West incorporates all elements of academic interests that cater to the challenging requirements of the present-day educational needs. To prepare the future generation of learners of meeting the challenges of an ever-advancing knowledge-based society and a dynamically changing environment, we as the best preschool in Mumbai believe that it is imperative that children are equipped with a repertoire of skills and a positive attitude with a sensitized perspective to become global citizens. It is a well-known fact that a strong foundation in the preparatory classes play a vital role in forging lifelong learning competencies as well as holistic child development. The early childhood curriculum by our pre primary school in Kandivali West aims to provide a holistic and broad-based education, considering all aspects of child behaviour, to equip them to meet the challenges in life and to develop their future for lifelong learning.

The best Pre-School  in Kandivali provides opportunities  for budding, inquisitive minds to discover the world in novel ways as they gain self-confidence, and coordination, learn advanced functionality and start to interact  with the outside world, making us stand out from other Pre-Schools  in Mumbai. This is because we are aware that a good Pre-School  offers the best foundation for a child’s development.  KES preschool in Kandivali West provides a secure and supportive setting while fostering the learners’  full physical, social, and cognitive abilities. Teachers at KES Pre-School  in Kandivali West are kind, driven, and sensitive to the requirements of young children. Our Pre-School   is a highly recognized learning environment  that offers individualized attention to support every child’s particular needs.

Our Pre-School  in Mumbai combines progressive instruction with an  ideal fee structure.  We provide  a stimulating atmosphere  where learners  are continually motivated to discover and learn. KES International School at  Kandivali West Mumbai is the place to go if you’re seeking schools in India that will help your child grow into a successful adult.

The areas of development for Early Year students will be divided into 7 parts.

Our School will provide young learners with an emotionally supportive learning environment where they will have a freedom to: